Why Eastbourne?

Custom and Turn-key          You spent years developing your business model…refining it, tweaking it, growing it. How could we possibly teach someone else to do what you do from an unseen office in a remote city? The answer? We spend months working with you in and around your business in order to capture and replicate the unique qualities that make your model a success. After quantifying that spark of genius, we develop and implement custom solutions that will allow us to grow your franchise into a household name. Learn More
Quality Innovation               We believe that there is always room for improvement.  That belief drives us to constantly seek new and innovative solutions for all of our Brands. There is nothing traditional about our methods or our services. We strive to re-invent the franchise process with each client and implement those refinements throughout our entire portfolio of Brands. Once established you will continue to benefit from the advancements made during the on-boarding process for sister brands. Learn More
Lifetime Support                 Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars developing the  infrastructure to nurture, grow and maintain your franchise, Eastbourne’s established growth platform, network, and team of professionals handle the heavy lifting. Our vested interest in your success drives us to maximize your company’s potential. From lead generation to sales to operations to support, our existing infrastructure can scale up to any amount of growth. Learn more 
Expertise                             The International Franchise Association has designated many of our team members as Certified Franchise Executives (CFE). With less than 2000 CFE’s in the world today, you can trust that every team member working with you is a seasoned professional with years of franchise experience.  Today’s ever-changing business climate and growing governmental regulations require that you choose an engaged and forward-thinking franchise partner. Learn More