About Us

Eastbourne is anything but traditional.  We are an ever-growing, ever-evolving group of Certified Franchise Professionals who are passionate about one thing and one thing only – helping entrepreneurs grow their business.  


We have created a culture of innovation and simplicity with no tolerance for dogmatic, antiquated thought processes.  We work in a virtual world with no dedicated office housing unnecessary costs that must ultimately be passed on to our clients. As a result, we are able to provide our franchise solutions at a fraction of the cost normally associated with our services.


Our fresh, inventive process is built around a few basic truths. First, we believe there are only three ways to increase sales. Second, we believe there are only two ways to increase your profits. And finally, we believe nothing is ever as hard as it seems.


All you really need is passion and dedication. That’s it. There is no formula for success. There is just a willingness to fight for what you want and goal to be reached.


Your only limits are the size of your dreams and the degree of your dedication.”   

Tra Williams, CFE

Managing Partner