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    The Reciprocity of Authenticity

    Effective marketing and advertising starts with understanding people. Knowing what attracts, motivates, entertains and infuriates people is the lifeline of media.  Critiques in the early-to-mid 20th century suggested that media weaken or delimit the individual’s capacity to act autonomously.  The last 30 years have built …

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    Leadership is Service

    Leadership is Service – American newspaper commentator Walter Lippmann defined leaders as “the custodians of a nation’s ideals, the beliefs it cherishes, of its permanent hopes, of the faith which makes a nation out of a mere aggregation of individuals.” If a leader is a …

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    Money and Happiness

    It’s no secret that money is a stand-in for happiness given that is so much easier to quantify than the more elusive idea of personal wellbeing. There are many ways we delude ourselves about the relationship between money and happiness, among them is the notion …

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